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HENWAY Systems has a wide range of expertise in bank backroom and IT operations and with the IBM iSeries (AS/400)  which allows us to offer the many different services listed below.  If you don't find what you are looking for, send us an email and we will let you know if we can help or we can steer you in the direction of someone who can.


Operational Reviews

"Operational Review" is a broad term that we use to include a variety of services.  This might include a "Needs Analysis", Process Improvement and Efficiency Study, and/or a Software Utilization Study to see how well you are utilizing your existing systems. Some of our clients have even asked us to analyze their IT expenses for areas where they might be spending too much.


Check Image Evaluation & Implementation

We can help evaluate check image systems, set up marketing and implementation programs for check imaging and/or help with the implementation of CAR and Power Encode. We have even helped clients redesign their documents to make them more CAR "friendly" and improve their CAR read rates.

Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment
Many of our clients need help and guidance with their Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment.  We can help guide your organization through this process.
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans

We can work with you to review existing DR plans and if needed develop, implement and test Business Continuity Plans (BCP) to help recover your backroom operations, check processing operation and data processing operations.

Two Factor Authentication
Under the new FFIEC guidelines, any financial institution that offers electronic banking products must perform a Risk Analysis of these services with an eye toward have two factor authentication for high-risk services by December 31, 2006.  We can help you step through this process and get your institution on track to meet the mandated deadline.
IT Reviews

We can perform IT reviews to help evaluate your operations and to help prepare you for  IT examinations and external IT audits. We also offer penetration analysis, network audits and vulnerability assessments to cover all your security concerns.

Vendor and Systems Evaluation

We can help you perform the due diligence that is necessary to evaluate and choose a new system. Whether you are looking for a complete core processing system or a new report archival system. We have a proven method for guiding you through the evaluations so that you get the answers you need. We can also provide guidance in the negotiation phase as well helping you to develop service levels for your vendors to meet.

Branch or Merchant Capture
Are you thinking about implementing branch capture or merchant capture but are not sure how to proceed?  Let us help you analyze your situation and develop a plan for implementing a solution that is right for you. We can also help you create the policies and procedures that necessary when implementing a Merchant Capture program.
Policies and Procedures
We can help whip your policies and procedures in shape.  Our services range from reviewing your policies all the way to helping to develop and write policies and procedures for your institution.
High Availability Solutions
We can help you evaluate and implement a high availability solution for your iSeries (AS/400). We have developed and implemented a high availability solution for a major outsourcing vendor to  financial institutions.
Penetration Tests and PC Audits
Banks are well aware of the need to conduct regular penetration tests from both inside and outside your network.  We use a product from Internet Security Systems to probe your network. We can run an audit program over your network that will look at every PC and device attached to the network and collect important information about each device, such as attached hardware i.e. modems or what operating system they are running and the current level of that OS. Your auditors and examiners will love the reports we give you.
"Sounding Board" Services
Some of our customers want to use us as a "sounding board" for issues, questions and problems that arise.  For these customers, we offer a monthly package of 5 or 10 hours of time that the institution can use anyway they want.
Vulnerability Assessments
Some institutions have asked us to go a little further and provide them a full vulnerability assessment of their operations. The vulnerability assessment  involves looking at your policies and procedures as well as you physical and logical security along with a penetration test and PC Audit.
Check 21 Planning

Having been heavily involved with implementing a Check 21 strategy in his previous position, Justin Hewlett can help you cut through the hype to develop a strategy that is right for your organization.  Many financial institutions are not sure what to do about Check 21 or how it will affect them.  We can provide the training and guidance to get your Check 21 project kicked off.

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