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Positive Pay System (PPS) is a system to help combat check fraud on a customerís account and produce fee income for the Financial Institution.

The customer provides the financial institution with a file of checks written for each check run.  This file contains account number, check number, date, amount, and payee.  File is input into PPS, which supports multiple formats and input methods.

After the daily processing on the financial institutionís computer, PPS exception processing is run. Any check that cannot be positively confirmed as authorized and accurate (matching against customer supplied file) is considered an exception. PPS will produce an exception report, exception file, or both depending on account setup.  Exceptions include:

1. Serial # Error Ė Not on File         (check serial # was not in accountís check file)

2. Amount Error                                  (check was written for a different amount)

3. Previously posted on MM/DD/YY            (this check serial # has been previously posted)

4. Voided Check                                  (this check was voided by customer)

5. Stale Check                                     (this check is over 180 days old)

The exception report and/or file is provided to customer for determination of returns.

 The PPS keeps tract of the number of files received, checks received, files created, exception items, and exception reports for billing purposes.

Current Pricing is $5000 for a single bank and includes two input formats (one standard, one your format).

Addition input formats are $500 each (your format).

Annual License/Maintenance is $750 per year.

Click here to download the complete documentation.  PPS Documentation

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