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Our Overdraft Security System allows you to extract information from your core system to provide one of the hottest products in banking to your customers.  This system allows you to specify criteria to be used for automatically setting an overdraft limit on accounts and allowing those customers to draw up to that limit.  Banks that use this system have been able to double and triple the monthly revenue from OD fees.

Features of Overdraft Security

bulletThis product does not require an application, credit decision or loan set-up and documentation
bulletApplies only to Consumer checking accounts
bulletWaiting period for OD Security on all new accounts.  This is usually 30 days but can be set by the bank
bulletOverdraft limit on all eligible accounts can be set by the financial institution
bulletService is advertised and presented as a "non-contractual" customer courtesy that the bank may withhold at any time.
bulletSince OD Security is advertised as a service and not a loan, there is not a usury problem

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