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Where Did You Get That Name?

People often ask us where we got our name.  When we decided to form the partnership, we were trying to be serious and come up with catchy name that made people think we knew what we were doing.  During this intense, pressure packed meeting, Justin asked David how "HENWAY" sounded?  David asked Justin, "What's a HENWAY?" to which Justin replied "Oh, about 2 or 3 pounds".  After the laughter died down, the "System" was added to make it sound official and Henway Systems was born.  As we said in our mission statement, we try to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously.  Most people think it is a take off on our last names, but now you know the rest of the story.

A lot of people remember our original logo (see below) of a speeding chicken holding the torch of liberty. Our chicken logo became an instant hit, when we passed out rubber chickens to the attendees at a Jack Henry users group meeting in New York City.  There were people all over Times Square carrying rubber chickens. We haven't abandoned the old logo, we are just having it updated a little and then, we will incorporate it back into the website.

 We will also post links to this page for interesting websites that we find helpful.


Myriad Systems Inc                                  

MSI has a great check archive product.  They provide print and mail services as well as e-statements and e-notices.  They also have a great marketing program call Customer Connect. MSI also has a simple, cost effective branch capture system for those banks who are serious about branch capture.                          

Let DirectPresentment help jumpstart your Check 21 initiative.  They make it easy to start, easy to run and easy to pay for.

Hewlett Office Systems LLC                  

These guys can fix almost any kind of equipment.  They specialize in repairing teller receipt printers and laser printers.  They also manufacture their own toner cartridges and specialize in MICR toner.

Links and Interesting Websites

American Bankers Association              


America's Community Bankers               

Consumer Bankers Association              

Independent Community Bankers of America

Cooperative Users of Banking Systems 

Federal Reserve Board                            

Federal Reserve Banks                            


FFIEC Website                                          

FDIC Website                                            


Bank Systems & Technology Online       

Bankers Online                                          

Item Processing Directory                        

Weird but Interesting sites

Want to see which candidates your neighbors have been giving money to? Go to this site and do a search.                                 


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